Shepherds Place, Newcastle East

About this host – Straight Outta Compost

So this is the new East End Compost FoodCycle bin. We’ve put this together so we can all begin to sustainably manage our food waste. The awesome end product of compost goes onto urban farms that are in Newcastle! Hope this helps – any questions about newbies signing up – just shoot me a text (Dave) on 0407219305 or just g’day.

Newcastle East Peeps

Shepherds Place, Newcastle East

Info for joiners

Shepherds Place, Newcastle East –

Best days and times for joiner’s to put waste in the bin?
Any Days

Specific instructions about the bin
Our FoodCycle bin is located at the same location as the compost bays.

Photo of house

Here’s a pic of the compost as we’re waiting for the Host to update their pics 😉

Remember to drop-off waste at the host’s preferred times.

Photo of bin

Find the bin with the Feedback sticker.

Remember to only drop the specified types of waste.