Hannah St, Wallsend

About this host

There’s 4 of us living here together and we end up with quite a bit of a food scraps and waste. Our backyard compost just can’t keep up with our scraps so it is great to have a collection service that I know is being used to grow food. It is so easy to pop our scraps in the bin and we don’t need to worry about cleaning the bin out, turning compost or attracting rodents.

Lanelle and Co.

Hannah St, Wallsend

Info for joiners

33 Hannah St, Wallsend

Best days and times for joiner’s to put waste in the bin?
Saturday 8AM – 8PM
Sunday 10AM – 8PM

Specific instructions about the bin
This delightful host is going to update their bin instructions soooo soon – trust us ๐Ÿ˜‰ any questions, just shoot Dave a msg on 0407219305.

Photo of house

Here’s a pic of the compost as we’re waiting for the Host to update their pics ๐Ÿ˜‰

Remember to drop-off waste at the host’s preferred times.

Photo of bin

Find the bin with the Feedback sticker.

Remember to only drop the specified types of waste.