So, how awesome is local support.

It’s where, time, funds and conversations all count toward a future we can play a role in.

(and if you like what you’re beginning to see through Feedback Organic – every little bit counts)

We love transparency in everything we do. This is because we want to demonstrate how we operate and how we need your help. Every donation, every subscriber, every commercial café, restaurant, school or university that is part of our business – any donations go toward sustaining what we’re doing and where we are going! All of the good contributed here – goes toward what is below 🙂

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A most wholesome hello to everyone, from lil kids to big kids (Pretty Much Everyone ;).

What we’ve discovered from the last 6 years of collecting and converting food waste is… communities want in! You want to have a say and play a role in a solution. Enter – a community solution.

There’s a group of people out there who feel the time is right to try something that works and that’s where we can work together to get results. To convince others, that we can have a say in our food System and the way it grows. Finally.

This is what we’re raising funds for.

We’re raising funds for the very reason of changing the way we’ve been growing. We’re raising funds to get this program in front of everyone that needs it  – and that’s everyone.

We’ll be raising funds for everything that it took to get this off the ground in our magnificently community minded home town of Newcastle and using those very funds to fund the next community.

For every $4.30 FoodCycle membership, we’ll be allocating 10% that will head straight into this pool of funds at the top of your screen.

For any additional donations you may have added to your weekly subscription, e.g. an extra $1 to $5 per week – 100% of that goes directly to the cause.

Where are your donations going?

Water, seeds and compost

Here’s everything in a nutshell that we need on a weekly basis, including our water, seeds and how we get to ‘using’ our compost.

Water usage per year on average from $1500-$3000

Access to Water – $1000

Irrigation systems inc drip lines and water supply – $3000

The cost of having access to water (whether it be town or captured off a roof). This costs us around $1000 just for the meter to keep track of how much we’ve used!  We managed to arrange access to water by having a conversation with our newly found neighbour and as a result we’ve been running water through their property for 4 years.
Currently we use around (depending on the season) from $10 to $65 per week.

The pipes and water lines are not cheap and cost $3000 over the set up period to get growing.

Seed ongoing $125 /6 months.

Compost – we convert the beautiful compost from your food waste – how wonderful right? To collect it we’ve set up a large commercial and domestic collection which is the basis for this new framework of food waste into food. This itself is one of the largest financial outlays. Acquiring mini sulo bins, a ute to transport it around, a tailgate loader to lift them onto the back and someone local to collect adds up to around $15000+…

E.g. Items inc

$10000 for the ute,

$2500 for the Tailgate loader

$3000 for the 50 x Bins for $60 each.


The Tools needed to farm organically.

Quick Cut Harvester – $1000

This machine is AMAZING! – Come and check it out the next time you’re One Hour Farming – even have a go if it suits.

It’s a drill powered harvesting MACHINE! Here’s a link ( ) to one in use from the producer of it. We wish we could take the credit for it yet for now it’s particularly handy.

Walk Behind Tractor – $9900

PDR – $1990 – Precision Depth Roller – A machine that attaches to the Walk Behind Tractor and mixes in our fresh compost with the current soil in the beds – it magically allows us to turn the top inch of soil and allows us not to disturb the precious sub soil or disrupt the microbial activity that we rely on beneath our plants.

Converted Greens Washing Spinner/Dryer – $300

This is literally a converted washing machine spinner designed specifically just for drying greens after we wash and bathe them for cleanliness.

Wash Table – $300

Styrup Hoes $65

Rakes $45

Shovels $35


Market Stall Plus Market Stall Equipment $1500

Greenhouse $500 second hand – such a deal!

Walk Behind Tractor $12500

Sustainable Packaging

The Infrastructure to run an organic waste collection.

If we had the money  – let’s try a food waste truck. Other than that – firstly, let’s try a ute and a lyco loader! $13000

FoodCycle Bins


Where it all happens! No joke!

With the help of the authentically awesome people behind this system – this ain’t getting nowhere.


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