Express your Interest to Join a Bin

We’re making FoodCycle available for as many households as possible, as fast as possible!

These ‘Tentative Host Bins’ allows us to start a new FoodCycle location once we have a minimum of 3 households ready to begin for that location. Once there’s 3 budding households ready to join, we’ll notify you and you’ll be able to begin using that new location ASAP. How awesome right!?

For each FoodCycle location, we’re able to have from 4 – 15 households join depending on each situation (and how much food waste individual households are producing), sooooooo, please spread the word and how we’re all helping to change the food waste into food system!

Need help with spreading the word – contact Dave – anytime at or 0407 219 305. We host information sessions wherever needed to get this growing ;).

Thanks again everyone!

Express your Interest to Join a Bin