FeedBox: Organic Vegetable Delivery

Fresh, local, organic vegetable delivery in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

Our local produce from Feedback Organic Recovery and Just Been Laid eggs that you know and love, is now available for a ‘seasonal special’ as a vegetable box delivered to your door.

All locally grown produce is delivered on the day of harvest – that’s straight from the ground to your dinner table in the one day (delivered Friday afternoon).

Pretty amazing huh!?! Call 0407219305 with any questions.

Here at Feedback we are driving a closed loop food system. By converting food waste from our local cafes, restaurants, workplaces, schools and households – and farming, producing and supplying locally, it helps create not only a far more resilient community but also a secure food future.

Organic vegetable delivery in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

Each FeedBox has seasonal – and most importantly, sustainable – vegetables and herbs…

…enough to top up a family’s dinner needs, feed two people straight up or one keen-as-a-bean vegetable lover. $50 per week with the optional addition of Just Been Laid Eggs. Where possible we will also include regular recipes and updates on farm produce.

FeedBox delivery to your door is in sustainable and compostable packaging wherever possible, with delivery day on Friday afternoon. Please leave specific delivery instructions of where to leave the vegetable box when subscribing. Eg. At the front door.

Consider becoming a FeedBox Host: If you are able to host a few extra boxes, consider asking friends, family, work colleagues to also sign up. We can then drop multiple boxes off to the one residence (or business) which ensures more people have access to fresh vegetables and less time spent in shops. (Free ‘Straight Outta Compost’ market bag or t-shirt for anyone keen to be a FeedBox Host.)

Due to limited resources we are currently only able to deliver within a 10km radius from Cardiff Heights.

ADDED GOODNESS: The Feedbox subscription includes not only organic vegetable delivery all boxed up, but a FoodCycle subscription too! This allows each subscribing household to join our closed loop and deposit their weekly households’ food waste into a nearby FoodCycle bin hosted within the community.