Take a little grain, a little protein and a whole lot of organic vegetables, and you have yourself a bowl of goodness – a FeedBox Goodness Bowl. Otherwise known through out the land of cafes and social media as a Buddha Bowl, however this one has been rebranded as a FeedBox Bowl (because hey, it’s full of Feedback Organic vegetable FeedBox goodness!) Now if you’ve been following any kind social media over the past four or so years you might have noticed a few of these #wellnessbowls pop up. Coming in various names, hippie bowl, power bowl whatever you want to call ’em, the intent is similar. It’s a whole lot of healthy artfully (or not) arranged goodness in a deep sided bowl. This bowl is no different, in that it’s full of healthy, organic, super duper fresh and delicious all coming from your delivered FeedBox. The only slight difference being, is that time is short, and instead of artfully arranging and faffing around waiting for the light to be just so, you can just plonk that goodness in a bowl and eat. Taste? Still delicious.

FeedBox Goodness Bowl

One small amount of grains

Another small portion of protein

As many parts vegetables as your taste buds and kitchen time allow

Then combine a mixture of cooked, raw, fermented, colours and textures.

Splash all of that with a dash of sesame seed oil and juice of half a lime.

And eat with the knowledge you are seriously eating nothing but a bowl of goodness.


What’s in season for June?

Broccoli . Coriander . Pumpkin . Daikon . Onions . Eggplant . Radishes . Baby Beets . Chillies . Potatoes . Salad greens .

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