Fresh organic vegetable delivery in Newcastle!

Seasonal vegetables grown, harvested and delivered from urban farm in Newcastle. Questions? Call Dave on 0407219305.


Panel Discussions 2021

In these panel discussions we offer up the chance to hear more from local perspectives on the myriad topics that our community faces and offer advice on the best way to approach them. From how to support local to more global perspectives and where we best play our biggest role.


Converting local food waste into healthy, sustainable and most importantly local community grown food.

Since 2013 we’ve been growing on your doorstep with local schools, Universities, Cafes, Restaurants and the community.

Convert your food waste into Food and Play a role in Growing Food’s Future.


We’re Growing Food’s Future with help from

ABC Radio
City of Newcastle
Hunter Water
The Kiosk Newcastle Beach
Lake Macquarie City
Newcastle Herald
Swell Magazine


I absolutely loved the Feedbox. Really great value, especially when you consider the locality and freshness of the produce – so great and super important. I love what you guys stand for. Can’t wait to order me next one!


Thanks from my healthy, happy, full belly for being an awesome organisation.


Farmily Picnic

Learn how we all create simple healthy tasty dishes!

  • Family friendly
  • Bring your favourite dish with recipe – share them
  • Connect with local growers, chefs and restaurant owners.

The Station, Newcastle – 3pm-5pm on the last Sunday of the month.

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